Monday, March 17, 2014

This Morning's market interpreted.

Market Talk:

The Crimean's voted for inclusion into the Russian fold. They apparently celebrated the vote in the streets, if you can believe it. This morning's market is responding in a relief rally, as shorts cover.

The market is saying that Crimea's secession from the Ukraine whether by hook or by crook was a foregone conclusion, once Russia started their takeover games. If a foregone conclusion from the start, then why all the games and maneuvering with this n that threat. It could be that defenders of democracy as in our US state department have to rattle sabers or sanctions to send the Russian's the message that there are repercussions in sieging upon other countries assets and land grabbing. The question is how far should we take it? At some point threats and objections become hollow whining. especially when many in the US are sick and tired of being the world's police outside our boundaries.

There are still troubling signs all around the world. For now, the market wants to put all that on ignore and is back in a relief rally mode. The shorts that thought they got the memo last week may have mistimed the whole thing yet again.

Oh well, those who live by the dark side of the shorting sword, die by the sword. Or run away to fight another day.

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