Monday, November 14, 2011

Is The United States of Europe coming ?

Seems like ... The European nations need a bailout fund for eurozone countries paid for by a new Eurozone level tax on business and individuals in each Eurozone country.

To do this they could unite under a new constitution like the United Stated Of Europe, with a capital and a governing body, and an ability to tax each particpating "state".

If a country does not want to be part of it, boot them out of the eurozone and let them fend for themselves under their own currency. This would only work if Germany and France participate. Would England join the consortium?

The political will seems to be lacking coupled with nationalistic tendencies within each country so it all seems like an unprobable future. Thus, the euro seems at high risk.

Perhaps they will come up with something looser than the above, printing euros to bail out indebted banks and countries with sovergn debt. However, the issue remains a conundrum until they take some big step.

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