Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Simple way to avoid the fiscal cliff

Fiscal Cliff Drama and a solution for compromise:

I have listened to both the Obama and Boehner differences enough to see an easy way to compromise. These guys are letting "ego" get in the way of a solution to the fiscal cliff.

First off, Obama thinks that just cause he won the election we voted for every detail of his talking points. Sorry Barack, it aint so. We voted for your ability to be smart and to lead and to find a way to work things out. I could go on about the republicans and Boehner, but will forego that to get to the points.

Proposed Simple Solution:

On Revenues:

Obama wants to increase taxes on people making $250K and above while maintaining the Bush tax cuts for those under $250K.

Boehner does not want a tax hike on the "wealthy" and would rather raise revenues by putting a cap on deductions at $25 K.

The first Fiscal Compromise could be a little of both notions.

1. Raise Obama's $250 K  threshold to say $ 1/2 M to 1 Million income earners.

2. Keep Boehner's $25 K cap on deductions.

3. Forget that idea about higher taxes on dividends, at least for now.

That would likely gain MORE revenue from the fat cat wallstreet execs who already benefited from previous government bailouts.

On Spending:

I heard Timothy Geitner say something disturbing. He said on the sunday talk show, he said they are going to let the Pentagon determine what they need for the military. BAD IDEA!

Why do we have an executive branch? The President is supposed to LEAD not follow carte blanche whatever the Pentagon wants. You can't tell me thare is no waste in the huge military budget!  (Do I need to remind them here of President Eisenhower's ( also a Great  WWII general!) warning to future Presidents about allowing the military/ industrial complex from getting out of control?)

Spending Cut Propsal:

Cut the Military by 5% starting Jan 1, 2013. Let them find new and creative ways to save the taxpayers. 5% is not that much. More drones, scale out of foreign wars faster, less aide to Egypt that's trending back to radical muslim tendencies, etc.

Cut NASA by 5% also. What the heck are we trying to put a man on Mars for? When they actually find a place worth going to that can sustain life in another solar system, maybe. But in the meantime, unmanned space travel works but these high budget plans to put people on Mars is a waste considering our economic woes here.

The President should also push, no make that insist, for less subsidies to big oil already making billions.

Well, that's a start. I think that may do it.


If you agree, email this link to your Washington representative or to the White house.

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