Friday, December 16, 2011

Weeknd Wrap: How to beat the anxiety trap...

Well folks, you see my last post. We could go on and on about the state of affairs in the world, the euro condition, global warming, man's inhumanity to man and animals too, the list goes on and on -- if we let it. The market, the world, ? listen too close and all you'll end up is with a heavy heart or a bad case of anxiety....

Here's something I do to lose it all.


that's right. get on a bike and pedal, pedal, pedal if you are able.

I have a few bikes, nothing fancy. One is a multi speed mountain bike my brother Joe gave me. My brother? Now there's a biker, heavy duty. He takes day trips up the Mountains, 80 miles. That's a whole other class of biker.

I am not talking about that level. I am talking about hopping on a bike and taking a few spins around the block, in the park, wherever it's safe to ride.

I was listening to the TV doctor on the weekend, Dr. Isadore Rosenthal. He has lot's of tips. But one day he spoke of a study where people who ride a bike 20 miles a week or more lower their risk of heart attack by 50%.

Now I will tell you my thoughts on biking..

No matter what is going on around you, in the world, when you hop on a bike and ride, it becomes like a worry free zone. Even if you start out full of anxiety or worry , if you ride long enough, you lose it by the time you're done.

I have evolved into a single gear enthusiast. I had an old bike I got at a yard sale and brought it back with new tires. I started riding it around the park with some light hills. I came to appreciate the nuances of riding a single gear bike, when a hill comes or you want to pick up some speed, just stand up. I like to say intervals of ten. While standing on the pedals, I never sit on less than an interval of ten, It may be ten or it may be 80, up a hill. As you do this, you appreciate the workout effects.

Since, I recently got a walmart special, a single gear bike called The Thruster, fixie, by Kent bikes. It's now my favorite "training" bike. I typically go out for an hour or so, sometimes with no particular destination, other times for errands or a special route with a mix of hills and flatlands or trails that I like.

Well. it's the weekend. Just cause it's gettin' a little colder doesn't stop me. I put on a coat and stocking hat, gloves and I am good to go. I added a front and back light cause Ok I do some nght riding too. These lights blink if want them too so I blink the back red lights. The LED lights take light AA bateries and last a long time.

Well That's my take. One last thought..When you are riding a bike, your mind is free to be free. When you ride , it's a feeling of weightlessness that motion provides. It's just like a form of controlled flying I say!

Your mind being free may come up with new thinking to solve a problem or even connect with nature and the one above us all. Yup, ride a bike, if you are able. It's a win win deal for body, mind n spirit.

Thank you.

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