Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When speaking of the market, I'll say perhaps.

Market Talk:

The market is currently enjoying a bull market mentality. The banter is relatively optimistic towards big business. While some companies are enjoying nice gains, others languish or drop hard for one reason or another. There is a bit of volatility and many people are waiting for the rug to be pulled but in the meantime the bull market prevails, for now.

I have stated the obvious in general terms because speaking about the market and stocks can be like a broken clock. It may be correct twice a day.

If you are interested in the market, you should try writing down your feelings and projections about the matters and stocks of the day. What you may find out is that "the market" has a collective mind of it's own and trying to estimate or project can be akin to watching wild or even house cats. They can be unpredictable.

Often, when you may think you have it figured out, that may last for the moment or even awhile but then something always seems to happen to trigger change. Perhaps when thinking about the market the events of 2006 through 2008 are too mired in my consciousness and therefore I do not want to speak about it much.

Well, we're in a bull market at this point in time. The overall stock indices at all time highs. And yet some sectors are topping and already caving. Perhaps these sectors such as 3D printing were over extended and due for a pullback. The market has a way of correcting itself.

Sometimes it takes an event to trigger a correction. Perhaps the stocks will continue the bullish run, perhaps it will level or perhaps not..

I'll say perhaps as the word of the day.

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