Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The PC and Laptop is not dead Shirely and other stock talk.

Market Talk:

It continues the rise to all time new highs apparently being fueled by an accommodative Federal Reserve. I won't be a part of the pumping machine, but it seems like things can go on awhile, until things happen to affect sentiment. Something always happens. I'll speak in general for awhile. The Dow is at 16,097 at this moment. Can it go higher? Probably.

Stock Talk:

The pundits on Cnbc and in the media often say "the PC is dead". Not so Shirley. Today HPQ presented results of $1.01 citing an increase in corporate PCs for business use. The PC is still the mainstay for business. People still use Windows with Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. And laptops and PCs are much more affordable than the high priced Apple models.

I use PC's and a laptops and won't change. There are many, many people in the PC boat. The media gets on a theme and then they pump their stupid notion so they can pump their position in a stock. Guys like Cramer have done that. And I recall when they were bashing HPQ incessantly for a few months, everyday on the tube. Why? There must have been a heavy short element in the mix somewhere.

Cramer is just one example of many. The Motely fool, Seeking Alpha and many others all do the same. The market is made up of opinions much of the time. Opinions can be like Uknowwhat.

I recall when Cramer pumped solar panel company , First Solar, saying their solar panels soaked up the sun like a sponge better than all the others. That was by somebody who bought into some BS line. When you look into it, you see that FSLR' panels were the least efficient in converting sunlight to electrical energy. They were the cheapest though. That is because they used a process where they paint a formula of toxic Cadmium Telluride which has properties of solar cells, but were only about 5% efficient. Meanwhile silicon based solar cells were achieving up to 20 % and higher efficiency. The reason why companies use FSLR panels may be because they have a lot of space required and they probably received incentives for going green. But If I were putting solar panels on a home roof, I would not use First Solar panels,

Now don't get me wrong, Cramer is a sharp guy in my view. He probably is a stock genius. But sometimes the guy while entertaining comes out with stuff in a sarcastic way that just wreaks of nonsense because he is being fed misinformation and does not even realize he is putting out BS.

Well, on the other hand, he was the first pundit that I ever saw allowing himself to be drug out wearing a diaper on his show for making a bad call. I think it was for telling people to Sell Sell Sell Apple back in the day when it was struggling in the 20's or thereabouts.

I am not really picking on Cramer, but anybody who makes calls like advising people what to do with their money is going to have regretful mistakes at times. And that is where a little humility goes a long way. Anybody who puts skin in the game of the market will likely have times where the market will humble them and all glory can be fleeting.

And that brings me to this site and stock talk. I am of the notion that I don't want to be party of the pump and dump machine. I have tried not to be a stock pumper here and state what I see as the truth at the time. And sometimes the truth is hard to see. Something always happens and there are factors outside the realm of prediction.

For example, the FDA. It seems that the FDA has so many factors that affect how a compound may or may not get approved that is sometimes defies logic. One of these factors is not as much scientific process as it is bureaucratic delays and quite possibly conflicts of interest between competing companies. This can make stock picking in the biotech sector even harder. In biotechs, they are subject to the something always happens syndrome even more than other sectors. On the other hand, it is up to the individual companies to prove that time, effort and performance of their compounds are both safe and effective in treating whatever they are going after. That is not always so easy, especially when they are trying to break tough nuts like treating cancer.

Well, I have rambled enough for today. Happy Thanksgiving.

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