Friday, October 12, 2012

Can ONVO's 3 D Printer be used to help the paralyzed walk again?

Stock Talk:

I have been looking into the $2 a share ONVO stock that has a 3 D printer for human tissue. Last night, a notion came to me about the possibilties. The ultimate idea of 3 D printing of human tissue seems to be organ repair.

But what about people that break their neck or back and are unfortunate that spinal cord severed nerve injury leaves them paralyzed?

Here is my idea.

If you had to lose something to gain mobilty again, what would you pick?

Ok, how about a toe?

I think they should look into this. Take a person who has been paralyzed by a severed neck or back nerve and amputate the toe next to the pinky. We need the pinky for balance in my opinion. But that toe next to the pinky? or maybe the middle toe, or even a finger.

Now pull the nerve out and then wrap it with the tissue glue from ONVO's 3 D printer and include the patients own stem cells too.

Now you have a protected nerve wire to splice around the patients severed nerve.

Will that work?

Not sure , I am not a doctor, but electrically speaking I don't see why it's not worth a try.

Anyway, the point is to share an idea I had in a dream and to point out that the 3 D printing of ONVO must have inspired the notion.

Hmmmm -- lose a toe to gain a walking life again? I'd go for it.

Well, I am sure that ONVO's new technology is going to inspire a lot of new experiments.

Well, I posted yesterday a few stocks on my radar and ONVO is a speculation. Sometimes it's fun to speculate if you don't have too much skin (excuse the pun) in the game.

PS: Note to ONVO's team. get working on my idea!

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