Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DNDN's Provenge showed a 38 % Survival advantage in the 3rd Year.

DNDN reported their results. Mike Huckman reported that the CEO briefed Provenge showed a 38 % Survival advantage in the 3rd year, double that of the nearest competitor and that Provenge met the pre-determined FDA criteria in a 22.5 % survival advantage.

I put this in perspective. Genetech's FDA approved drug Avastin has a survival advantage of less than 1/2 that of Provenge; and Avastin has side effects in many. DNA got Avastin FDA approved and charges about $54,000 per patient treatment. DNDN will be a winner and they will partner with a large Pharma for European sales. I may buy more if a DNDN opens as low as it closed just prior to halting.

Now they are saying that trading just before the halt is suspicious and it could be an erroneous trade!

Sheeeeeet are YOU still with me ???

I think that the pre-halt trading drop was manipulation or barn sweepers trading and that DNDN will trend much higher after the halt.

Meanwhile, little ol' ONTY going unnoticed by the media is performing as I anticipated. Just the beginning folks.

$3 BIOM = $18 ONTY.

and folks... If they think DNDN results are good they ought to look at ONTY's and Merck KgAA's Stimuvax survival results ...

holy molly momma - what are we sitting on? The shot of hope, the gift of life real deal Stimuvax! STAY LONG is my way!

ALL in my humble opinion, scroll down and read more..

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