Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I sort of like ONTY here.

The shot of hope, stimuvax, is in phase 3 global clinical trials being led by Merck kGaa of Germany. Look into it, if interested.

21 months into this...


ONTY (formerly called Biomira) provides Stimuvax to Merck Kgaa operating as the lead in the Phase 3 trials for treating NSCLC lung cancer and taking it commercial if it passes FDA muster. NSCLC lung cancer is more prevalent than breast, prostate, liver and pancreatic cancer COMBINED.

Here is the phase 2 survival chart. Nobody believes or they are asleep.

ONTY is .71 cents now.

The market sleeps. Yes, this biotech is risky. It's not a blue chip stock like Lehman Bros and Fannie Mae.



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