Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oncothyreon makes a bold move to transparency in the Cancer fight arena.

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The bull sentiment seems to be holding on the notion that US and world economies are stabilizing and improving.  Here in the US, I listened to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke give what some consider his farewell remarks at a convention of economists.  He seemed to be somewhat  sanguine about the prospects for a continued recovery and at the same time caveating optimism with notes about  a sluggish economy and reasons for it.  The unemployment data can be misleading as more people lose benefits and go off the record books it makes jobless claims appear to be decreasing when it's just that some people gave up.  The thing to look for in an improving economy are indicators such as new car and home sales.  Recessions are typically preceded by lackluster sales.  For now, the auto and home business have been doing pretty good as the recovery from the crisis has been fueled by accommodative Federal reserve policy.

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I have been reluctant to post as noted the other day.  But today, I will highlight a situation that has impressed me in term of transparency. Oncothyreon (ONTY) recently presented some early results on their cancer therapy and compound known as ONT-10.

The details of the ONT- 10  immune boosting treatment in the Phase 1 clinical trial are presented in the above PDF file.  The compound has been designed with the goal of demonstrating both cellular and antibody responses to help fight cancer tumors.  From the data, we can see that they have targeted a broad range of cancers in order to target the most productive indications to extend the trial into Phase 2.

In theory, the Muc1 target presents itself in just about all cancers, but in practice there may be pathways in particular forms that make ONT 10 more effective.  Both the theory and practice are described in the above research note.  One item of the presentation is quite interesting because it gets down to the details of the initial results.  I am not going to interpret these results in this note because it is too early to draw complete conclusions.  However, some of the early data is promising in that in ovarian cancer actual tumor reductions have been reported with one being 44% reduction at time of record.

The Blue/ green chart on each individual patient is the most transparent report I have ever seen by any company. As they continue the trial, as they enroll new patients applying learned practices such as increasing the ONT 10 dose to 2,000 ug's in a cohort of patients, the metrics of how well ONT 10 is performing  will become clear.  I consider this format as a bold move by Oncothyreon and note that other companies have not been as transparent.  Researchers and investors alike should look forward to seeing updated reports as ONT-10 progresses through the maze of the FDA trial and approval process.

Such a blue/ green  chart format is a bold and transparent move by Oncothyreon because it illustrates both the potential risks and rewards in trying to fight and beat cancer.  Sometimes things work , sometimes not.  It provides a quick picture of each patient's fight within the aggregate of all the others in a similar fight.

In a way, the blue / green chart represents a challenge to all others in the cancer fight game to do the same and follow ONTY's lead in presenting transparent results. The blue green chart format tracks each case from start to end.

We'll see.  It all bears watching and would hope to see updates to the chart every three months or so..

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